2019 Product Highlights

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GangHwa Red Ginseng Co.,Ltd
Stand No. G11

This is a 100% six-year old red ginseng product by decocting the red ginseng cultivated under the ground for 6 years. Manufacturing as the strong extract type by extracting active ingredient saponin of the red ginseng is a noticeable feature.

Geumsanmall Co.,Ltd
Stand No. G14

Achimmadang Red Ginseng spend time and full effoert into the products we make. To get the best result in life, we need to know the important of waiting.

Global Silk Road Distribution Co.,Ltd
Stand No. D11

Cheswick Mild Cheddar Cheese provides a dense but smooth texture and a mild flavor that gets sharper with age. It melts well, offering versatility in cooking applications, such as sandwiches, sauces, entr??es and more.